"Energy is life! Energy is that force which gives us a chance to live, to create and to love."

Angel Bozhilov
Dear friends, esteemed clients and partners,

Angel Bozhilov

Welcome in my reality:Energy is life!

Energy is that force which gives us a chance to live, to create and to love.

Following this philosophy we have worked, we are working and we shall work tenaciously and selflessly to create a prospering and social-responsible corporation – OET – Obedineni Energiini Targovtzi OOD.

We, OET team, are aiming high at our targets and we treat their realization with extreme responsibility. Every decision of ours comes as a result of deep and full value analyses, adequate market policy and extreme professional knowledge.

I can declare with satisfaction that the results are already a fact – in less than three years OET grew from newly built company located in the small Bulgarian town Kazanluk to Multinational Corporation with subsidiaries in seven countries, with significant part in the electricity market of the Balkan region, with permanent presence on the electricity markets in Eastern Europe and with clear vision about its future expansion on the territory of many more European countries.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who has already chosen and accepted us as a partner. Those of you who we meet with for the first time, I would like to ask only for a few minutes of your time to review this site and I am sure that your choice of a partner in Energy will be clear and I am convinced that this choice will be the right choice – to become our valuable partners and customers.

Yours sincerely,

Angel Bozhilov


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